Canada Employment Rose by 17,900

Canada added 17,900 jobs in March, fewer than economists predicted, as construction and natural resources companies hired while the service industry shrank., Bloomberg 4/9/2010 10:10:37 AM

The unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2 percent, Statistics Canada said. Today’s employment gain is the third straight, adding to evidence of a rebound in the early part of the year.

Construction companies hired 21,000 staff and natural resources added 13,200 in March, Statistics Canada said, leading a job gain of 39,800 at goods-producing companies. Services employment fell by 21,900, with a loss of 30,000 in the other services category, a decline of 26,300 in the business, building and support services category and a 38,400 increase for professional and scientific work.

Full-time employment fell by 14,200 in March, and part-time jobs gained by 32,200. The number of employees increased by 21,900 and self-employment fell by 4,000.

Average hourly wage growth slowed to 2.2 percent in March from a year ago, compared with 2.4 percent in February.

Canada Employment Rose by 17,900