Italy Unemployment Rate Edges Up to 12.7%

Italian jobless rate increased to 12.7 percent in February of 2015 from 12.6 percent in the previous month. It is the highest rate in two months and the first increase since November of 2014.

In February, there were 3.240 million unemployed persons, 0.7 percent more than in January. 22.270 million persons were employed, -0.2 percent with respect to January 2015.

The employment rate decreased by 0.1 percent to 55.7 percent while the inactivity rate edged up 0.1 percent to 36 percent. 

Year-on-year, employment grew 0.4 percent while unemployment increased 2.1 percent. 

Italy Unemployment Rate Edges Up to 12.7%

Istat | Joana Taborda |
3/31/2015 10:57:09 AM