Kenya Trade Deficit Widens in January

In January of 2013, Kenya recorded a trade deficit of 83.6 billion KES, compared with 76.9 billion KES the previous month and 59.2 billion KES a year earlier. The larger trade deficit results from a 13.1 percent increase in the volume of trade, with both exports and imports recording highest values than those of the preceding month.

On a month-over-month basis, the value of total exports grew by 17.1 percent in January. The main contributors were coffee and tea, whose quantity exported increased by 25.5 percent and 33.6 percent, respectively. Food and beverages was the main export category, with a share of 45.37 percent, while the value of non-food industrial supplies and consumer goods not elsewhere specified registered a share of 28.65 and 21.42 percent, respectively. All the other export categories such as transport equipment, machinery and fuels accounted for less than 3 percent shares. 

The value of total imports increased by 11.7 percent in January from the previous month, with non-food industrial supplies being the main import category with a share of 33.76 percent. Fuel and lubricants, machinery and other capital equipment and transport equipment registered shares of 22.54, 15.02 and 13.43 percent respectively. Food and beverages realized a share of 7.25 percent while consumer goods not elsewhere specified recorded a share of 6.59 percent. 
In January, India was Kenya main source of imported goods, followed by China and the United Arab Emirates. Kenyan exported goods mainly went to Uganda, UK and the Netherlands.

Joana Taborda |
3/28/2013 11:01:08 AM