Russia Posts Biggest Trade Surplus in 3-1/2 Years

Russia's trade surplus widened by 43.9 percent to USD 16.99 billion in January 2018 from USD 11.81 billion in the same month a year earlier and above market expectations of USD 14.45 billion. It was the largest trade surplus since July 2014.

Exports increased 31.3 percent to USD 33.40 billion from USD 25.43 billion in January 2017, as exports to non-CIS countries advanced 32.1 percent to USD 29.47 billion while those to CIS countries went up 26.2 percent to USD 3.93 billion. 

Imports went up at a slower 20.4 percent to USD 16.41 billion from USD 13.62 billion a year earlier. Imports from non-CIS countries climbed 20.7 percent to USD 14.49 billion and those from CIS countries advanced 18.7 percent to USD 1.92 billion. 

The trade surplus with non-CIS countries grew 45.3 percent to USD 14.98 billion from USD 10.31 billion a year ago; and with CIS countries it widened 34.4 percent to USD 2.01 billion from USD 1.50 billion.

Russia Posts Biggest Trade Surplus in 3-1/2 Years

Joana Ferreira |
3/14/2018 1:11:06 PM