Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in January

In January of 2014, Switzerland’s trade surplus increased to CHF 2.59 billion, the highest surplus in the last eight months, boosted by higher exports. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry generated half of the export growth.

Exports rose 3.3 percent on the year to CHF 17.11 billion, boosted by higher plastic sales (+ 6.6 percent yoy), metallurgical (+ 5.9 percent) and chemical and pharmaceutical products (+ 3.9 percent). 

Shipments to Asia and Australia contracted on the year (-4 percent and -12 percent, respectively), while those to Latin America (+ 29 percent, mainly sales to Mexico which surged 135 percent), North America (+ 11 percent), Europe (+ 3 percent, mainly those to the UK rose 30 percent) and Africa (+ 11 percent) increased.

Imports fell slightly by 0.1 percent on the year to CHF 14.5 billion. Inward shipments of energy products contracted 15 percent, while purchases of equipment rose 2 percent, mainly auto imports (+ 13 percent). Purchases from the US fell 9 percent.  

Swiss Trade Surplus Widens in January

Joana Taborda |
2/20/2014 10:20:22 AM