Greece Unemployment Reaches Record 27 Percent in November

Unemployment rate in November 2012 was 27 percent compared to 20.8 percent in November 2011 and 26.6 percent in October 2012. The number of employed amounted to 3.64 million persons. The number of unemployed amounted to 1.35 million while the number of inactive to 3.34 million.

The number of employed decreased by 265,584 persons compared with November 2011 (a 6.8 percent rate of decrease) and by 30,144 persons compared with October 2012 (a 0.8 percent rate of decrease). Unemployed increased by 323,808 persons (a 31.5 percent rate of increase) compared with November 2011 and by 20,255 persons compared with October 2012 (a 1.5 percent rate of increase).

Inactive persons –that is, persons that neither worked neither looked for a job– decreased by 19,577 persons (a 0.6 percent rate of decrease) compared with November 2011 and by 2,683 persons compared with October 2012 (a 0.1 percent rate of decrease).

ELSTAT | Nuno Fontes |
2/15/2013 10:38:33 AM