Australia Trade Deficit Largest in 6 Months in December

Australia reported a trade gap of AUD 3.54 billion in December of 2015, an increase of 30 percent from a downwardly revised AUD 2.73 billion deficit in a month earlier and missing market expectations. It is the largest deficit since June, as exports fell more than imports.

Between November and December 2015, in seasonally adjusted terms, goods and services exports fell AUD 1,243 million (-5 percent) to AUD 25,247 million. Non-rural goods fell AUD 1,078 million (-7 percent) and rural goods fell AUD 392 million (-9 percent). Non-monetary gold rose AUD 121 million (+10 percent). Net exports of goods under merchanting remained steady at AUD 14 million. Services credits rose AUD 108 million (+2 percent).

Goods and services imports fell AUD 434 million (-1 percent) to AUD 28,782 million. Intermediate and other merchandise goods fell AUD 399 million (-4 percent), capital goods fell AUD 176 million (-3 percent) and consumption goods fell AUD 57 million (-1 percent). Non-monetary gold rose AUD 108 million (+39 percent). Services debits rose AUD 89 million (+1 percent).

From January to December 2015, the country posted a non-seasonally adjusted AUD 33.5 billion trade deficit, an increase of 239 percent from a AUD 9.9 billion gap recorded in 2014.

Australia Trade Deficit Largest in 6 Months in December

ABS | Rida Husna |
2/3/2016 11:23:35 AM