Mexico Unemployment Rate at 4.47% in December

The unemployment rate in Mexico has fallen from 5.12 percent in November to 4.47 percent in December of 2012, according to a release by the National Statistics Institute.

In Mexico, the unemployment rate in December of 2012 was reported at 4.47 percent of the economically active population, down from 4.51 percent in the same month of 2011. The seasonally adjusted data show an unemployment rate of 4.96 percent. The participation rate, which is percentage of economically active persons in the population, for individuals 14 years of age and over was reported at 58.22 percent which is a decrease from the 59.20 percent rate recorded in December of 2011.

The unemployment rate among men decreased from 4.62 percent in December of 2011 to 4.56 percent in December of 2012. Among women the rate was unchanged at 4.3 percent.

INEGI | Nuno Fontes |
1/21/2013 2:12:15 PM