Ireland Trade Surplus Widens in November

Preliminary figures for November 2012 indicate a seasonally adjusted increase in exports of €552 million (or 7%) to €8.01 billion from October. Seasonally adjusted imports decreased by €481 million (or -11%) to €3.72 billion resulting in a 32% increase in the seasonally adjusted trade surplus to €4.28 billion.

Comparing November 2012 with November 2011, the value of exports decreased by €305 million (or -4%) to €8.29 billion. Exports of Chemicals and related products decreased by €177 million (or -3%) with a decrease of €774 million in Medical and pharmaceutical products partially offset by an increase of €427 million in Organic chemicals and €126 million in Essential oils. Comparing with November 2011, imports decreased by €251 million (or -6%) to €3.91 billion. The larger decreases were for imports of Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials (down €116 million), Chemicals and related products (down €105 million) and Machinery and transport equipment (down €62 million). 

On an overall basis the EU accounted for €4.68 billion (or 56%) of total exports in November 2012. The USA was the main non-EU destination for exports accounting for 18% of total exports in November 2012. Two-thirds of the value of imports in November 2012 came from the EU, with 35% coming from the UK. The USA (8%) and China (7%) were the main non-EU sources of imports.

CSO | Nuno Fontes |
1/16/2013 11:16:22 AM